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The holidays are slowly approaching us and that means many of you will be dishing out money for presents.  When it became all about the presents I have no idea but with the way the economy is finding that money isn’t going to be easy. has a few tips to help us find more money for the holidays… or really for anything.  Here is another tip…

Tip #2 Bottled Water = $78 savings over the next few months

Water is one of those things that you should try not to pay for. With 2/3 of the world covered in water and filters that convert “tap water” to filtered water (such as a Brita) for about $20, you should stick to filling up a water bottle rather than shelling out $1-2 for bottled water. If you buy bottled water a few times a week, you can save over $200 a year and about $80 by the time Christmas rolls around.

I am also guilty of this but I don’t buy it that often.  My girls aren’t big water drinkers so I buy the flavored water from time to time.  It’s money well spent as far as I’m concerned but making them get used to regular water would be much better for us.  I’d say I buy about 4 six packs a month, but only when they are on sale so I pay roughly $1.50 for each six pack. So that is $6.00 a month and $72.00 a year.  It’s not a lot of money but it does add up.  If I stopped buying it over the coming months I’d save $24.00.

Tip # 1 would save me $250 and Tip #2 would save me $24 for a total of $274.  I could buy something really nice!

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