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The holidays are slowly approaching us and that means many of you will be dishing out money for presents.  When it became all about the presents I have no idea but with the way the economy is finding that money isn’t going to be easy. has a few tips to help us find more money for the holidays… or really for anything.  Here is another tip…

Tip #3 Gas = $87 savings over the next few months found that gas prices vary as much $.50 per gallon in the same neighborhood. This means that by simply driving to a nearby gas station, you can save $260 a year. Use BillShrink’s gas comparison tool to find the cheapest gas on your commute for the next 4 months and you could be looking at an extra $87 bucks in your pocket.

I will admit, I use full service for my gas.  The reason being is I usually have at least 1 kid with me and I hate getting out of the car to pump my gas when they are strapped in inside.  I probably spend about $.25 more a gallon to get it pumped for me.  I fill up my tank about 2-3 times a month and I have a 15 gallon tank.  I would save $11.25 a month and $135.00 a year by pumping it myself and form now till the holiday season I’d save $45.00.  That’s a big difference.  Looks like I may be pumping my gas more!

Tip # 1 would save me $250, Tip #2 would save me $24 and Tip $3 would save me $45.00 for a total of  $319.

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