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My husband and I discuss sending our children to college all the time and we can’t imagine how high the prices will be by the time they get there.   We know we have plenty of time to save but the problem is how much do we need to save?   That is something we have no idea about.  And then you need to consider the cost of books.  From what I remember some of them were outragous!  My mother made me buy used books whenever possible, but even they aren’t always cheap.

Better World Books offers millions of used and new textbooks and books online at prices up to 80% below what the college bookstore offers. But it gets better:

  • Better World offers free shipping everywhere in the world
  • Green: By buying used textbooks, students are keeping books out of landfills and saving trees (almost 40 million to date)
  • Doing good: a percentage of all textbook purchases goes to fund global literacy initiatives like Books for Africa…they’ve already raised over $9 million.

Better World Books “gets” the textbook problem – it was founded in 2002 by three broke Notre Dame seniors who figured out they could make more money by selling their books online than they could at their college bookstore.  They turned it into a business, and today their company is one of the world’s largest sellers of new and used textbooks.