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It’s time to update you on my savings with coupons from last week.   I shopped at Walmart and Stop & Shop last week, but I didn’t use any coupons at Walmart.

Here is what we saved with coupons last week…

  • I shopped at Stop & Shop and saved $12.94 with coupons.

MY total saved last week with coupons was $12.94!!

January 2012 Coupon Savings$21.60 
February 2012 Coupon Savings – $79.94
March 2012 Coupon Savings – $59.60
April 2012 Coupon Savings – $114.11
May 2012 Coupon Savings – $12.94

Year To Date Coupon Savings – $288.19

So how did you do??  How much did you save JUST with COUPONS – we aren’t even talking sales – just what you save with coupons.  Anyone can walk in the store and get a sale price, but I want to show you how much more can be saved with those little pieces of paper.