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September is National Coupon Month and if you don’t use coupons often, you can use just a few coupons each week and watch the savings grow.  You don’t have to be short on cash to use coupons.  You may just want to free up some of your money for other things, like a vacation, a new car, or even that expensive purse you’ve been eying!  Coupons are easy to use so wouldn’t it be nice to stretch your paycheck by at least 25% every week?

Coupons are like money, the more coupons you hand over to the cashier, the more money you keep in your pocket. Have you ever read a magazine and found a coupon for $1.00 off a product in the middle of the magazine? Imagine that was a $1.00 bill. Wouldn’t you put it in your wallet? If you answered yes then it’s the same thing as using that coupon and keeping that $1.00 bill in your wallet!

You don’t even have to use a lot of coupons to see a difference.  You could use just a few each time you shop and when you look at the big picture it really can add up to a lot of money over the course of the year.  If you don’t want to go through the hassle of buying the newspaper and clipping coupons you can always just use printable coupons that are easy to find online.  Then you print them when you are going to use them.

A few places to start are and SmartSource foR coupons!

If you save just $3 a week with coupons and shop every week for a year doing so, you’ll save $156 in a year.  Now imagine you double that, or triple that!   Then combine those coupons with a sale and you’ll save a lot!  Possibly enough to pay an extra payment on your mortgage!

On average, how much do you save a month with coupons?