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Unfortunately my site was down all day today (Friday).  It was down for almost 9 hours.  Trust me I was stressing!  I had no idea if it would be back up this weekend at all.  They couldn’t tell me what happened, nor could they tell me when to expect it to be back up. I’m on a shared server which works fine for me, right now.  However that is going to change very soon.  I’ve experienced too much down time for my liking and it’s always due to someone on my server so I’ve decided that I’m going to have to move over to a dedicated server just for Koupon Karen.

I don’t want to ever be down for the day again because of someone else.  At least let me be the problem, then I can’t blame anyone! LOL  So please accept my apologies for not being here today and I will be posting several things over the weekend to catch back up. Of course I had a lot to say today too!  Of all days.

I’m also excited that I will be hanging out with my best blogging buddy Nicole from Nicoles Nickels tomorrow morning (so there will be no posting Saturday morning, sorry… girl time!).   But over the weekend I will be posting several more items for the Holiday Gift Guide along with some fun giveaways (aren’t they all fun!).

Hope everyone had a great Friday even though you couldn’t visit me!  And have a GREAT weekend!