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I use my cell phone for everything and I have it with me at all times.  It’s like a mini computer that keeps me connected to email and my blog so I can always be in contact and it also keeps my family organized.  If I walk out of the house accidentally without my phone, I have to go back and get it.  I’m lost without it.

So what if I lost my phone or it was stolen?  I’ve actually had dreams that my phone and my wallet are stolen and in my dreams I never know where to start.  I have so much information on my phone that I would hate for anyone to access it.  That’s where this awesome service from Sprint comes in, the Sprint Total Equipment Protection App.

If you have Sprint, I recommend you look into this as it could be extremely valuable if your phone is lost, stolen or damaged.  The app is part of their equipment protection plan, which I will explain in a moment but you only have until August 30th to add the protection to your plan. Usually when you purchase a new phone you have 30 days to add a protection plan, but for the month of August Sprint is having open enrollment, so hurry if you are interested!

What can the Sprint Total Equipment Protection App help you with?  And how does it work?

First you’ll want to sign up for Sprint Total Equipment Protection plan where you’ll be charged $8 a month.  But with that $8 you’ll receive a Free Protection App that can locate you phone if it’s lost with an audible alarm as well as being able to locate your phone on a map using network integrated GPS technology.  If you believe someone has stolen it, you can even remotely lock your phone so no one can even access it!

The TEP would cover a new phone, which is a big money saver, but then you need to add all your contacts manually, right?  Nope, not with the Protection App.  You can  wirelessly sync and manage and restore your contacts. How cool is that?!   Of course if you have to file a claim there is a deductible of $50 or $100 but the cost of a new phone would be close to $300 for the cheapest phone, so it’s totally worth it to me.

I have never purchased protection on my phone in the past, but the last time I purchased a new one, I decided it was worth paying a few dollars extra each month to avoid paying hundreds of dollars if my phone breaks, malfunctions or I lose it.  In my opinion, something that is used as often as my phone, is worth paying a little extra for.

To enroll or learn more visit Current Sprint customers should hurry, they only have till August 30th to add the feature to their existing phone.

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