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A closet full of clothes, yet nothing to wear…we can all relate. With clothes in “once-fit” or “goal sizes” (sigh) and daunting styles of the season (crop tops anyone?), many women struggle with unlocking the full potential of their closet. In fact, a new survey commissioned by Slimfast shows the prevalence of Locked Closet Syndrome – the practice of “locking away” clothes that don’t currently fit or that you can’t wear confidently.

Did you know that 93% of women have multiple sizes of clothing in their closet – 3 sizes on average?  I do!  And that 79%  of women frequently dread getting dressed because of ill-fitting clothes in their closet.  I do! Did you also know that more than half of women have purchased clothing in a smaller size than they currently wear –  27%  say it motivates them to lose weight.  I’m afraid to do that and waste my money!  And additionally 83% of women admit to lying about their pants size more often than their age!  I just don’t tell anyone!

Slimfast makes losing weight easy with all their yummy choices which include Pina Colada, Have Your Cake, and Greek Yogurt and Honey Snack Bars – they are all delicious and filling.  Style expert, Jenn Falik  understands the challenges of slimming down and what a few pounds can do to a woman’s confidence.  “It’s remarkable to see our habits and attitudes when it comes to our clothes closet, and how we are not just physically but mentally locking away parts of our wardrobe. With Slimfast, I hope to give women the confidence to unlock their closet once and for all,” says Falik.

I was doing great last year and lost 50lbs.  It was the most I’ve ever lost but I still have more to lose.  After taking a vacation in November, I had a hard time getting back on my plan.  I’ve managed to keep most of my weight off and go up and down 7-8lbs.  Talk about a yo-yo!  I’ve been trying to get back on track because I know once I do, I’ll be able to lose even more.  I’m very determined to keep going.

That said, keeping the bulk of my weight off for a year is a huge accomplishment for me.  Something I’ve never been able to do before.

But then life throws you a curve ball and it’s even harder to keep going.  If you’ve ever had a weight problem, you know how hard it is to control it when things aren’t going your way in life.  This summer my husband has been faced with some big health issues and it’s taken a toll on me.  I’m trying my best to take care of everyone and unfortunately I am always last.  Isn’t that how it is when you are a wife and a mom?

2014-07-18 11.19.57

Having a weight problem brings another issue to the table.  I’m a huge stress eater and I’ve slipped many times.   But then I remembered the 14 day supply of Slim Fast that they sent me and decided that I’d try that to at least stay on track as best as I can to not necessary lose weight, but to hopefully just maintain it right now while things are crazy and hectic in my life.

2014-07-18 11.20.23

I’m happy to report that it’s helped tremendously and I have been able to stay where I am, which is good for me!  At least I can still fit into all my smaller size clothes.

Right now Slimfast is challenging women to, “14 Days to Slim,” I I received some Slimfast meals for 14 days to help overcome Locked Closet Syndrome and help fit into my “skinny jeans.”  And it’s helped me a lot, to stay where I am.  I’m grateful for that.  I’m hoping that once we get my husband’s health under control, I can work on getting my weight back under control with the help of Slimfast.

Disclosure: I received a Free product for review. My opinions are 100% mine.