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Teaching Kids About Independence Day

To many children, the 4th of July is a day about grilling out, swimming, and of course colorful fireworks. But in reality, we know that the 4th of July is much more about that! So how do we help children understand what Independence Day is really about? This day can not only be a fun one filled with family and fireworks, but it can also be a wonderful learning opportunity for your child. So how do you make that happen? Below, you will find 5 ways to teach your kids about Independence Day. Give these tips a try and see how easy it is to turn this fun day into a wonderful learning experience they won’t soon forget!

Here are 5 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Independence Day:


Explain that the 4th of July is America’s Birthday

This may be the easiest way to help kids understand why we celebrate on this day. You can let them know what happened on July 4, 1776, as this was the day our country’s founders gained independence from Great Britain! And so, our country was born. We celebrate just as we would for any birthday, with family, food, and lots of fun.

Show them an American flag

They may have seen the flag, but have you ever told them what it represents? Now is a great time! Explain how each star represents one of the states. Point out the bright colors and how they signify purity, justice, and valor. Teach them about how we treat the flag with respect since it represents something so special.  Make the flag stand out by adding some flagpole lighting to it.

Attend a local holiday parade

While at a local 4th of July parade, don’t just marvel over the floats and candy, but point out the servicemen and women who march in the parade. Point out that we stand to show respect for them and their sacrifice to fight for our country and its freedom.

Have your child reflect on what the 4th means to them

They can do this verbally or on paper. Have them reflect on what this day means to them and what their freedom means to them. Ask them to share what freedoms they enjoy most and what freedoms they would miss. Allow them to light a sparkler when done in order to show how they can keep the light of freedom alive through their actions.

Look up important Independence Day information online

Find pictures of our founding fathers, find pictures of the Declaration of Independence, see if you can find images of the Liberty Bell, the American Flag, the Statue of Liberty, and other important monuments. Having a visual will help children understand the concepts a bit better.

Give these 5 tips for how to teach your children about Independence Day a try to see how easy it is to teach them about our country and why we are so lucky to be celebrating this special day. Hopefully, they will learn that it is about more than just food and fireworks, and in reality about something much more special!

Happy Independence Day!