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What am I going to do with the Thanksgiving leftovers?

Just about 5 minutes after the sweet potato pie has been consumed and table cleared, most of us begin thinking ‘What am I going to do with the Thanksgiving leftovers?’. Well, no need to worry because Jennifer from Savor The Thyme has many fantastically delicious recipes that will forever make you look forward to Thanksgiving leftovers.


If you went the mashed sweet potato route, you need to make these latkes

For those who went with the traditional mashed potatoes, these pancakes are a must (kids love them too!)

Shred some Turkey and make a fabulous fried rice my friends.

Get ready to warm your bones with this Turkey & Toasted Barley Soup.

Take your leftover salad and use it to on top of your Linguini with Vegetables. (yes, salad atop your pasta).

Naturally, we can’t talk about Thanksgiving leftovers and not have a sandwich. In fact, how about a Turkey, Cranberry Relish, Sweet Potato & Gravy Sandwich?

Enjoy your leftovers!

Photo credit Jennifer from Savor the Thyme.