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Back in May, I was asked if I’d be interested in writing a book for The Everything Series.  I will admit, my first thought when I received the email was ‘is this for real‘?  I then forwarded it to my husband with a note of  “do you think this is for real?”.  Why was I skeptical? – Would you be if someone emailed you and said ‘hey we’d love for you to write a book for us?”.   Maybe not all of you would but it was something I didn’t expect that day – or ever for that matter.    I completely fell into doing what I do – blogging – and I’m thankful everyday for the opportunities it has brought me and my family.

The email was real and a few days later I was on the phone with my editor, Ross and we were chatting about the in’s and out’s of writing for them, where and how to start and the short deadlines.  Yes – VERY short deadlines.  I had about 8 weeks to write it – and all during summer vacation and while still writing my blog, taking care of my house and my family!  YIKES!  I enrolled the kids in some camp classes and found someone to help me keep up with my house and told my husband he would be helping around the house more for a little bit.  He was totally on board because we both knew this was an opportunity that may will probably never come around twice.

I then, with the help of my editor created my chapters and sub-chapters, learned all the lingo they use for writing a book and began writing one section at a time, but not in any order.  It was hard at first because I know I am not the best writer, but with help from my husband and friends, I became a better writer at the end of this process.

Yes it was a process, but I never once thought to myself ‘why did I take this on?” because everyone around me made sure that I had the time I needed to write because they were all just as excited as I was to be writing this book.  And I know that not everyone reads my blog or any other money saving blog, so I figured this book will help those that are ‘off line’ too!

And now we have it in our hands – and I am even more excited!  My husband asked if he could take a copy of the book for his bookshelf at work and of course I said YES!  He is so proud of me! Without his support and encouragement, I could not have done this.

The book was set to be released in March but Amazon already has them in stock and is currently shipping them AND they still have them for sale for 50% off the cover price of $15.95.  You can also find them in some book stores as well.    But how about if I give a few away!!!!

(3) Koupon Karen reader will a copy of my book “The Everything Couponing Book”!!

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