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Top 5 Tips On How to Save On Your Cable Bill This Summer from

  1. Prioritize: Start by having a clear idea of what channels and shows you and your family really watch. Do you thirst for True Blood? Are your kids Hannah Montana fans?  It’s easy to get lured into ordering lots of channels, there’s no point in receiving 100 channels if the 5 you really want aren’t included.
  2. Consider all the fees: Don’t just look at the programming/content cost to compare.  You also need to look at the cost of equipment, the number of rooms, the type of equipment you will need, etc.  These prices can vary by provider as well.  Obviously, if you have fewer TVs, your total costs will be lower.  Also, do you really need DVR in your guest room or extra rooms, think about how often you actually use those TVs.
  3. Take a TV vacation: While you’re on vacation this summer, get your cable provider to halt service while you are gone. Let’s say you love Entourage on HBO. When the summer three-month season is over, call your cable company and downgrade to a package with fewer channels until your favorite show is back on.
  4. Consider a long-term relationship: If you’ve found the right TV package and aren’t planning on moving soon, many providers offer additional discounts if you sign a two-year contract.
  5. Find premium shows online, but beware of upcoming costs: TV lovers can now find almost any show they want on the Internet.  But beware that many of your favorite shows online now come with a price tag.  Hulu, which used to be free and offered popular shows like Family Guy, Saturday Night Live, and Lost is now considering charging up to $10/month this summer.  Instead, see if you can find those shows directly on the network’s website.

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