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using fresh herbs a variety of ways

Using Fresh Herbs In A Variety of Ways

Herbs are a simple addition to your home garden and can easily turn the simplest meal into a gourmet delight!  Herbs can change the flavors of your recipes in many different ways.  Every time you add a different herb to a bread, stew, soup or vegetable dish if completely changes the taste.

If you haven’t used fresh herbs before remember less is more!  Start off slowly and adjust a little at a time until it is just right.

Use Fresh Herbs with Cooking

Oregano – sauces
Basil – tomatoes
Parsley – a super food
Rosemary – lamb
Chives – butter or cream cheese
Mint – infuse water or a cocktail
Cilantro – think Mexican

Of course, none of them are limited to these items, but it is a great starting point to get you thinking.  Just remember to use a little imagination and experiment, experiment, experiment!  You really can’t go wrong with fresh flavor.

You can also infuse vinegar for salad dressings, marinades, or soups.  Infused oils are a great alternative to plain oils while cooking.

Use Fresh Herbs to Dress Up your Dish

Another fun thing to do with fresh herbs is dress up your dishes:

  • Lay individual sprigs of rosemary over broiled lamb chops
  • Chop fresh parsley and sprinkle it over the top of your potato salad
  • Slice tomatoes and top with a fresh parmesan, chopped basil, and a drizzle of olive oil

The combinations are endless and the outcome delicious!

Storing Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs can be kept in the fridge for several days but they start to turn fast so think about freezing them.  Once frozen, herbs aren’t good to be used as a garnish but are still great for seasoning dishes.  A simple thing to do is place them in ice-cube trays and freeze, that way they can be added to soup, stew, or sauces easily.

Other Fresh Herb Uses

Herb butters!  They are easier than you think.  Take a half of a cup of softened butter and mix in about four tablespoons of a fresh herb.

A fresh herb in any salad dressing really makes it sparkle. You can use any herb or a combination, be creative!  Fresh herbs paired with fresh lettuce and vegetables from the garden, nothing is better.

Using fresh herbs in food is full of endless possibilities as long as you follow your taste buds and use a little imagination.  Happy cooking!