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 Chai Latte and Vanilla Chai

It’s so cold here again today and a perfect day to warm up with a Chai Latte and Vanilla Chai.  We’ve had so much snow and there is even more coming.  This is RARE for us in New England and I’m not a huge fan of it.  I don’t mind some snow but not day after day after day.   Plus we don’t have anywhere to put it!

Rhode Island Snow Storm

This is what we have right now and more to come.  Now I realize that for some states, this is a dusting of snow but for Rhode Island, this is a result of a Blizzard!  And there is more coming this week.

So what do I do when it is this cold that we have so much snow?  Stay inside and drink lots of warm liquids by the fire – coffee, tea and right now some Chai!  Cross Country Cafe supplied my family with two boxes of delicious warmth –  Twinings French Vanilla Chai Latte and Twinings Chai Latte Kups.  I love my Keurig and use it on a daily basis – and more than once a day!

Chai Latte and Vanilla Chai

I remember the first time I tried a Chai Latte about 12 years ago.  I must have been living under a rock because it was new to me, but not to everyone else.  I fell in love with my first sip and it’s become a regular warm drink for me.  Instead of Hot Chocolate on a snowy day, I like a Chai Latte.


The Vanilla Chai has a nice creamy vanilla flavor that adds just enough sweetness that I don’t need to add any sugar.  The creaminess makes it the perfect drink when I need warmth and comfort.   I love the convenience of having these both in Kcup form so I can have a quick warm drink in my home, and I don’t have to pay coffee-house prices.

You can find both of these at my favorite online coffee shop – Cross Country Cafe for $9.50 for a box of 12.  That’s just $.79 per cup.  You can’t even touch that price at a coffee shop.  And you can stay warm at home in your sweats and slippers.

Disclosure: I received a Free product for review. My opinions are 100% mine.