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Over the last several weeks I’ve been posting a LOT of great Holiday Gift Ideas and I hope you have been enjoying them.  I tried to find some different, interesting, fun and favorite things to add.  I received so many product ideas but unfortunately I could not fit them all into the Gift Guide.  Of course going through all these products made me think of what I’d love for Christmas if money wasn’t in the way.   Here is what I came up with:

  1. A 3 day weekend getaway with my husband.  This is something we haven’t done in well over 5 years and it would be nice to have some uninterrupted time with him.
  2. A desk and comfortable chair to sit in while blogging.  I currently sit at my dining room table on a hard chair when I blog.  My back doesn’t like that.
  3. A mother’s helper to play with my children in order to have a nice block of blogging time rather than 5 minutes here or 5 minutes there.  It’s very hard to concentrate sometimes when the kids need my attention like when they need to eat.  LOL That’s pretty important.
  4. A professional cleaning crew to come first thing in the morning to clean my kitchen, wash my floors, dust my house and clean my bathrooms.  Wouldn’t that be nice if my husband surprised me and hired a commercial cleaning company maybe once a month to actually come and do this for me!!  Oh a girl can dream.
  5. But  most of all I’d love another set of hands.  Unfortunately that is not going to happen so I’ll hold out for the rest.

If money wasn’t in the way, what would you love for Christmas??  Of course it can be something material unlike my list.  I just honestly couldn’t think of many material things I’d like.  I’m pretty simple.  Oh and I already got a new laptop or that would of been on top of my list.

Leave me a comment and share!  I’d love to hear. I may also get some ideas to add to my wish list.  Ya know the list I’m making for when the money tree finally sprouts in my backyard!

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