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I was very excited to interview Raffey Cassidy as she was the youngest person I’d ever interviewed and honestly I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.   When she walked into the room full of 25 mom bloggers, you could tell she was a bit nervous.  At that point I realized, she probably had no idea what to expect from us either!  She is a beautiful young lady with the cutest British accent and I could seriously listen to her talk all day long!

Raffey Cassidy is one of 5 kids.  She has three brothers and one sister, who along with their parents, traveled with her while filming TOMORROWLAND.  “My whole family travels with me, ’cause we’re all so close and we’re just like one big family together and it’s strange if one of us is away“.    It was because of an audition that one of her brother’s went on, that led Raffey into acting herself.

We immediately started with questions and we were all very curious as to how she became a part of TOMORROLAND.  We were hoping it would ease her nervousness.   After a few questions, she seemed pretty at ease with us.   She was extremely sweet, smart and very professional.

For her TOMORROWLAND audition,  she sent in an audition tape and then had a screen test in London followed by another in America.  After that she was offered the part.  Her first scene she shot for TOMORROWLAND was at the World’s Fair watching a young Frank getting on the bus.


Speaking of scenes, Raffey’s favorite scene to shoot was the blast from the past sequence.  She loved the action in that scene because it made it a lot of fun!  And her most challenging part was that she had to create a background for Athena because she didn’t really have one, which was fun because that was something that she created for Athena.


Raffey had the most adorable blue dress in the movie which she told us that if you look closely, you’ll see that it’s made up of algorithms in algebra.  I completely missed that the first time I saw the movie.

There was so much that we talked about in this interview with Raffey so I decided to do a question/answer post this time to make it easier to follow.

What was your take away from the movie?  If there’s one thing you took away from it, and want everybody to think that you know.

That everybody should be very optimistic and feel that there’s a way around situations if they’re in a bad situation.  There’s always a bright side.

Raffey 4

You had a lot of action scenes where you had to do martial arts.  Did you have to train for that, or how did you learn?

Yeah, I trained for two months in gymnastics and martial arts, and then I went to Canada and did another month of martial arts and a bit of gymnastics.  And then I did throughout the six months of filming I did another couple of days every week or so.

George was talking about your scene about you driving the truck.  So what were your feelings on driving the truck and learning to do all that?

I really enjoyed it.  It was so fun and so they actually taught me how to drive and there was a scene where I had to go down a ramp and then stop.  I think really I started to get a little too confident and I got too close.  Britt just went ‘stop’ because it got so close.

How was it working with George?  Did you know of him before?

I’d seen the Descendants and I really, really liked it.  And George I learned so much from him.  And he’s so professional but really fun at the same time.

You have a big role in this movie.  What is it like to see yourself?  Have you seen the whole thing? What was it like for you the first time it all put together?

I was just so shocked.  It was like wow, and they put it so well together, ’cause there was never a scene when I was thinking wow, this was dragging on a bit.  It was just always, yeah, and by the end of the film, it was like oh, my God.  It can’t be over yet.

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What traits of Athena do you see in yourself?

If I had to choose something, it would probably be optimism, because I think that I feel that I’m quite optimistic and always look on the bright side of a bad situation.

Because of your age, you are the future.  So when you were filming this film, did you look at it and say okay, this may be how the future’s gonna be, whether its certain aspects that you thought no, not too much?  I mean, did it seem like it flowed for you for what may happen?

Yeah there was so much technology in the actual Tomorrowland and I think that that’s how it’s going to be in, I don’t know, 60 years’ time or something.  So, I think that will be what the future.

Is there something from the future or Tomorrowland that you could use now, what would it be.

The jet packs.

What was your hardest scene to film in the movie?

My hardest scene would probably be my end scene, I mean, that was a lot of  lines, but once I’ve learned them, it just flowed and, and George had a lot of eye contact with me, so it’s so easy to perform and it would have been hard if, you know, if George wasn’t so good. But yeah, it was easy ’cause he was just so professional and kept eye contact the whole time.

You filmed in a few different locations. Did you have a favorite?

Probably the Eiffel Tower, I mean, because that was an actual thing that Tomorrowland had recreated and it, it was just so real and very cool.

What’s the message that you would tell girls your age about the future?

I’d say the future isn’t a place we’re going. It’s something we’re making, so it can be anything that they, that they want it to be. 

How was it almost having to be the adult in the film?  I mean, especially George tends to joke a lot.

Athena is kind of the mom of the whole going.  She looks after Casey and Frank, trying to bring them together to help him save the world.  And that kind of becomes, through their adventure, they would become like all family.

Do you see yourself staying with acting, or do you want to pursue something else?

At the moment I’m so grateful for what I’ve had the chance to do and everything, and maybe I’ll carry on doing this.  Yeah.  At the moment, I want to go into it.  I might change my mind.

What’s your favorite thing about acting in general?

How close the set becomes, like the cast and crew becomes so close.  It’s like a family. Everybody helps each other out.

How long were your work days and the hours that you worked?

I probably get picked up at maybe 6 or 6:30, and then I’d finish it around about 5, yeah.

So what’s next for you?

I don’t know.   I mean, just back to school, I guess.

I do hope that we see more of Raffey in movies because she is a great actress and a sweet girl.

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