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Ok, this is not your normal post from me.  And I wasn’t going to do it but my friends convinced me that I really should so here it is!   I want to win a Secret Style session makeover at Blogher 11 in San Diego this August. In order to enter I need to write a blog post about why I should win.  They will be picking 12 winners, 10 of them based on their posts and 2 random.  I figure I have a chance at being one of the 2 random winners since I’m sure my post isn’t going to be as creative as others! 😉

I am a mom, as you all know.  And some of you may know that I joined Weight Watchers 11 weeks ago as I shared it a few times on the blog.  I’m still following the program and really loving the flexibility it has given me with food.  I’ve had a weight problem all my life and food is my addition.  Therefore taking it away from me and telling me I can’t have cookies, cake and pastries never worked for me and I have the hips, thighs and butt to prove it! LOL  But Weight Watchers has been great and I’ve lost over 20lbs in 11 weeks!!!!  I’ve got a lot more to go but I’m so excited for what I lost and I am not stopping this time.  I’ve stopped way to many times before and it’s not going to happen again.

My Senior Prom June 1991 (no that's not my husband)

You see, I have an incentive and that is my 20 year high school reunion in September 2011.  Yes, I’ve been out of high school for 20 years, I know you thought I was younger but I will be 38 in a few days (you can do the math yourself so I have nothing to hide! LOL).  But here is the thing, I don’t look like I did in high school and thanks to facebook I’ve seen that a lot of other classmates also don’t look the same.  But I can if I lose a little more weight.  I want to be the one that they say “OMG you haven’t changed a bit” (besides the addition of my glasses) and really mean it, not just say it because they are being nice.  Come on admit it, we all do it. I can’t even count the number of times someone said to me “OMG you look great, have you lost weight?” when in reality I had gained weight. I know they were just being nice and I appreciated it.  But at my reunion I want it to be for REAL!  So that is my incentive.  Things like that help me.

So if you still reading and I haven’t lost your interest you are probably wondering what this all has to do with getting a makeover.  Well none of my cloths from last summer FIT ME!!! And if none of them fit me now, then none of them will fit me in September either.  It’s a very good problem to have.  But even if they did fit me I desparately need a new style.  I’ve been a mom for over 6 years and my uniform isn’t exactly stunning.  Most days I’m in jeans (I love my jeans), a tee and a sweater when it’s cold.  I do have a few ‘nicer’ tops I wear when I want to feel pretty but they are pretty boring too.

And then there is the makeup.  I wear brown eyeliner and black mascara……………….boring!  I was at an event in April and they did my eye makeup for me and gave me smokey eyes.  OMG I loved them and so did my girls.  They were super excited and asked me to do that again.  I have no idea how to apply eye shadow so back to my boring brown eyeliner and black mascara.  I call that mommy makeup.

And I never match my shoes with my purse with my cloths with my jewelry….. you get the picture.  My tops and my bottoms match and that’s about it.  Not even my socks match much since you can’t see them anyway.  We won’t even talk about my mis-matched underwear! lol  So I could really use some fashion advice and makeover as I come into my new body and get ready for my 38 year old self reunite with my (last seen) 18 year old friends.

Thanks for sticking around and reading the entire post.  Wish me luck!!!