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Winx Dolls

It’s nice when things show up at my house in sets of twos – Like these two dolls. We didn’t own any of the Winx club items until now and honestly I wasn’t even sure if the girls knew about them, until they arrived and my oldest was so excited to finally have a Winx doll!   So I guess that answered my question!

We received one doll from the Deluxe Dolls collection – Techna which is pictured above on the left and one doll from the Basic Dolls Concert Collection – Bloom which is pictured above on the right.  These were somewhat different because one had wings and one didn’t.   That was immediately brought to my attention by my little one.  But we quickly figured out that Bloom had a spot for wings in her back so she could use Techna’s wings.  Problem somewhat solved until they both wanted the wings at the same time.  These are things I’m used to happening in my house when they are playing together.

But the wings fit nicely in the back and snap in and stay in.  That’s always something I look for when dolls have ‘add-on’ items.  They even flap up and down if you make her ‘fly’!  It’s cute.  These dolls are the same size as other dolls on the market so they fit right into doll playing time with all the others.

Here is some information about the dolls:

WINX Deluxe Dolls: Believix

The power of Believix! Girls will want to play out their favorite Believix moments from the show with these beautiful Winx Club Beievix fairy dolls. With 11 points of articulation, girls can recreate any fashionable pose they want! The dolls come with a pair of sparkly Believix wings that plug into the Winx “X” on their back allowing for magical transformation from girl to fairy. These dolls also come with a magical membership card that unlocks exclusive content on Collect all six Winx Club Believix fairies: Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa and Aisha.

These sell for about $19.99 each and are good for ages 4 and up!

WINX Basic Dolls: Concert Collection

Get ready to rock with the Winx Club band, six magical friends who love to perform. These fashion dolls come dressed in rockin’ fashions perfect for performing on stage. Winx Club Concert dolls have 7 points of articulation to show off their individual personalities. These dolls also include a Winx “X” on their back allowing for magical transformation from girl to fairy. Wings are sold separately. Complete the band by collecting all six Winx Club band members: Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa and Aisha!

These sell for about $12.99 each and are good for ages 4 and up!

I had to laugh when I looked over the Bloom doll.  She had a low-cut shirt and you could see her belly button!  I guess since that’s how the girls dress, then the dolls will dress that way.  Thankfully my girls aren’t at an age yet where they are influenced by this.  But they will someday very soon, I’m sure!

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