Going Green

5 Tips for Going Green and Saving Green

Guest post by Heather Green... I've heard the phrase “it's more expensive to eat healthy” and have even said it myself a few times! Going green seems to cost more these days so how is a person supposed to eat and live green without going into debt? You would think that organic foods and products would cost less to grow and make since companies and farms are saving money on excess chemicals, preservatives and pesticides. Unfortunately, according to stricter guidelines, green products require more money to raise and produce than items that are not “all natural” or “organic”. But don't give up, sometimes it's not about WHAT you buy but where, when you buy it and coupons to help you save! Use...

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Guest Post: Go Green – Save Green

A guest post from a new friend of  mine Melissa Black (eventually I need to stop calling her my new friend.. lol).  She married one of my good friends from highschool and her and I became fast friends!  Besides working full time during the day, she also writes a blog about going green, eating organic and whatever else she comes across to make their life less complicated. A few years ago, when my husband began his career in real estate, we basically became a one income family for a while as he built his business. Around the same time, we really began to become aware of how our choices affect our world. We just became a bit more conscious about what we bought as well as how much we were...

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