Stacking Coupons

Coupon Basics: Using Manufacturer & Store Coupons Together

Using Manufacturer & Store Coupons Together There are two basic types of coupons - Manufacturer Coupons and Store Coupons and when you know the difference between them and how to use them, you'll open up an entire new world of using coupons.  Did you know that you should be Using Manufacturer & Store Coupons Together? What are Manufacturer Coupons? These are coupons that are issued by the manufacturer  - or company - and can be used in any store that accepts manufacturer coupons.  These are the coupons you'll find in the Sunday inserts, in magazines, on the shelves and online.  They will always have a bar code on them and will state on coupons "Manufacturer Coupon". What are Store...

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Kouponing Question – How to Get the Most from your Coupons

I asked my readers on Facebook to submit their coupon questions and I will answer them one by one.  This will help those of you struggling and hopefully help those of you just starting out.  I'm always here to answer questions and I'll help in any way that I can! How can I maximize my coupons? The best way to maximize your coupons is by stacking them.   What do I mean by stacking coupons?  Stacking coupons is when you use a manufacturer coupon along with a sale, store coupon and store incentive to save even more! Some stores will offer store coupons and you may not know this but you can use a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon on the same item.  If that item is on sale, you'll save...

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Coupon Basics: Stacking Coupons

Stacking coupons is a term for using more than one coupon on an item. Now before I go any further I want to point out I don't mean using more than one manufacturer coupon on one item, I mean using coupons that are not 'like' types of coupons.  Let me explain.... You can only use 1 manufacturer coupon per item BUT if you have a store coupon for the item,  you can use that along with the manufacturer coupon and stack them for more savings.  So if you have a Target Coupon for Pantene and you have a manufacturer coupon for Pantene, you can use them both on one item.  Here is an example: Pantene Shampoo, 2/$7.00 Use $2.00 Pantene Target Coupon AND Use $2.00/2 Pantene Manufacturer Coupon Final...

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