15 Spicy Sriracha Recipes

Sriracha is the new buzz and ranges through all ages and generations.  It's been around for a while but just recently became a famous household condiment.  Personally, I got addicted to it as well.  It has a super spicy kick but, like a lot of hot sauces, it doesn't leave you … [Read more...]

15 Sweet & Scrumptious Candy Recipes

I don't think this post needs much of an introduction - 15 Sweet & Scrumptious candy recipes pretty much speaks for itself.    I spent some time drooling over these recipes and decided that I needed to share them with you.  Make sure you eat before you look at these candy … [Read more...]

11 Lemon Uses That You Might Not Know About

11 Lemon Uses That You Might Not Know About Lemons are not just used in making sweet teas or to soothe sore throats. They are a very versatile fruit and you should have a few lemons on hand at all times. Here are some uses for lemons that you may not have known about. Reducing … [Read more...]

No Carve Pumpkin Idea

My kids ask me every year to carve a pumpkin. And while we do it, I'm not a big fan of the mess of it. So I try to put it off as long as I can which means I'm rushing around last minute doing it. No Carve Pumpkin Idea I never, ever thought about not carving the pumpkin until I … [Read more...]