Saving Money When Shopping for Clothes

Clothes Shopping Tips

Clothing, food and shelter are regarded as basic commodities and we all know what a huge chunk of our budget is dedicated to them. Does it have to be so much, though? Today let's make clothing our point of interest and talk about saving money while shopping. The fact is that many … [Read more...]

Tips for Shopping at Goodwill


I happen to love shopping at Goodwill. With the right knowledge, you can get in and out quickly and walk out of there with some pretty great deals!  If you need a couple of tips for your next Goodwill shopping trip. Here are some rules that Goodwill regulars always … [Read more...]

Eight Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

Eight Tips for a Successful Garage Sale 2

It's garage sale season (also known as yard sales) and lots of people are earning money for the items in their home that are just taking up space. You know you have those items too so why not have a garage sale this month and not just clear out the clutter, but earn some money.  … [Read more...]