Fried Ice Cream Summer Dessert Recipe


This year for some reason my pool would not clear up.  No matter how many times I tested the water and added what I was told to add, it was still cloudy.  Part of the problem in the beginning I'm sure was the fact that it needed a really good vacuuming.  But with it being so … [Read more...]

20 Ways to Make S’Mores

20 Ways to Make

Camping is a staple activity throughout many months of the year.  Even when it gets chillier, people set up those tents and rough if for a couple of days.  Even though s'mores are a typical snack eaten while camping, you don't have to wait until then to have one! Check below for … [Read more...]

20 Dessert Recipes Perfect for Summer

20 Desserts for

I don't know very many people who don't absolutely swoon over great desserts.  Summer is all about bright colors cold drinks, and ice cream.  It's only fitting that the perfect summer desserts fit in to one of those famous summer categories. Check below for 20 dessert recipes … [Read more...]

10 Amazing Summer Salad Recipes


We love having friends over especially in the summertime when we have the pool open!  Nothing better than spending the day outside, swimming, cooking on the grill and spending time with our friends. One thing I always like to make for a cookout is a salad.  It's easy, refreshing … [Read more...]

Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Enjoy for Summer

15       Non-AlcoholicDrinks for Summer

Summer is perfect for amazing get togethers but sometimes they can be a handful for the one throwing the party.  If you would like to reduce your list of responsibilities or stress at your next shin dig, try one of these 15 non-alcoholic drinks that are pleasing to the eye and … [Read more...]

Detox Water Recipes to Kick off Summer Right

15 Detox Waters    for Summer (1)

Summer is almost here and that means swimsuit season.  On top of that, you will be wearing clothing that most likely will be showing more skin.  Don't be embarrassed this summer with any unwanted pounds or icky feelings from those winter months.  Try one of these detox water … [Read more...]

Growing Tomatoes is Easier Than You Think


Growing tomatoes is an easy way to add color and vitamins to your diet. Although many people think growing tomatoes is difficult, it's actually very easy to do once you know what's needed to get perfect tomatoes. Growing Tomatoes in a Few Easy Steps There are a few things you … [Read more...]

Dip Recipes for any Occasion

15 Dip Recipes

Summer is almost here and the warm weather has everyone in the mood to throw a get together of some sort. No party or event is complete without a splendid dip recipe to keep people happy before the main course begins. Look below for some dip recipes we found irresistible! Dip … [Read more...]